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With more than 10 years of experience and countless successful commercial deployments of artificial intelligence products, our managing partner, Alexandros Louizos, can guarantee your success in an agile, fast return, unlimited expected value project. 

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We always start with an agile and fast turnaround proof of concept to prove our value.  We believe that this is our way of proving the potential for value creation, while minimizing the risk for you.

"Let's multiply your valuation together with artificial intelligence intellectual property..."

Alexandros Louizos, Managing Partner, Manxmachina LLC

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Agile Development

No more slow and high risk projects. We navigate artificial intelligence projects with agile fast to proof of success management

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We guarantee the early success of your project or you will never have to pay us anything! Your Success is Our Guarantee!

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Pure Value.
Zero Hype.

Engage with us for quick value creation through focus on early success for your projects. 

Artificial intelligence is all about solving problems fast for your organization and gaining momentum and value early. 

We never engage into moonshots. 

We are only committing to projects that will be successful and valuable for your organization early and for the long term. 

Time to Success
Early Value Creation
Accelerating Returns Through Time

Our Process

Science Matters
But Success Matters More


We are focused on quick turnovers for your projects. 

We have a NO MOONSHOT project mentality. 

We want to create value fast for your organization.

We shoot for initial value creation fast.

 Only then we can shoot for  the stars! 

+ 50 %
average revenue increase per algorithmic product
unique algorithms creating value for our clients
+ 45 %
Average Savings With Agile Development for algorithms

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  • More than 10 years of commercial AI experience
  • Fast Results or Your Money Back
"The Future Of Artificial Intelligence is Agile. Organisations will focus on early returns for their projects rather than moonshots. The expected value of these projects is enormous and winners will take all and transcend industries."