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Cost Efficient Strategic A.I. Solutions For Your Organization With Minimal Risk And Fast Results

Solve Your Customers Problems Without The Risk Of Hiring Expensive Inexperienced People To Do Complex A.I. Projects

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who are we

10 Centuries Of A.I. Collective Experience, Under The Same Roof at Wall Street, New York

Dr Louizos has studied medicine and artificial intelligence. He left his career as a doctor to create artificial intelligence companies. As a result he became a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits under his belt.

He is responsible for the design and implementation of several artificial intelligence systems currently in production in several Fortune 500 companies.

For his work he has been featured in Forbes and other major publication media including being featured as 40 below 40 in New York.

With Manxmachina he is solving the problem of creating artificial intelligence that can be used in real world situations in a way that creates growth for organisations. His focus is on minimizing the risk for small to medium organisations that cannot afford to hire a big and expensive AI team and do not have experience to manage a complex AI project. He knows from his experience that these organisations have the passion and need to implement AI as a strategic advantage against bigger and less agile competitors. He is passionate about creating value that can create 10x growth for these organisations and the passionate people involved.

He has assembled the best AI team with enormous experience in implementing real world AI products and he will be excited to be part of your 10x growth towards a multi trillion dollar of value creation, in a world where AI is abundant.

we WILL do it FOr YOU WITH 1/3 of the cost and 1/10 of the risk of hiring a team of data scientists.

We know what it costs in time and management to find and hire data scientists. in the meantime most of them DO not have real world implementation experience of artificial intelligence solutions.

Why risk the future of your company?

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  • More than 1000 years of collective commercial AI experience under the same roof
  • Only player in the industry with 2x money back guarantee. Ask us for references