my name is Alexandors Louizos. I am an artificial intelligence serial entrepreneur. I created Galaxy.AI and ManXmachina LLC.

Me w,ith my team, have developed multiple artificial intelligence systems from design to full deployment in Fortune 500. 

I am a co-author in 3 Artificial Intelligence full patents, one of them international, 2 in US.

Couple of years ago I dreamt of an artificial intelligence that could create art so good, that could be easily displayed in a Chelsea, NY gallery. 

But this task proved to be more difficult than I expected. 

Nevertheless, we persisted and created a proprietary methodology that led to beautiful avant garde canvases completely AI generated. Till today, I had these canvases exclusively for me in my work office, but I believe it is time to share my creation. 

We are big believers in the freedom that will be created from a cyberpunk crypto future. 

I wanted to join the NFT token revolution and I decided to offer exclusivity to my AI generated art canvas, code and step by step proprietary methodology to create AI generated art. All these will go to a person that wants to take it to the next level.  

My time is limited but the potential of this AI generated art is unlimited if the right person wants to use it and commercialize it. 

I believe that NFT tokens are much much more than just digital canvases. By attaching my code and my proprietary methodology to this NFT token, I am hoping to give a glimpse of the potential that NFT tokens have for the future of digital art!

They highest bidder of this NFT token will get: 

1. Exclusive rights and the high resolution image of my favorite AI generated canvas "Stellar Gaul", which is an ode to entrepreneurs everywhere. 

2. Exclusive rights to the code and the exact proprietary methodology I used to create AI generated avant garde art. Code and an ebook with the exact steps will be delivered to the highest bidder through the InterPlanetary File System. 

We will pass our brain child to you and I hope you will take it to the commercial level it deserves. 

Here is to the potential of NFT tokens to revolutionize art, beyond just digital images, but to a level that code and proprietary rights are attached to them!  

To your success, 

Alexandros Louizos and the ManXmachina AI Team

PS: Questions? Want to connect? 

Email us at connect@manxmachina.com 

This is the Stellar Gaul, designed and executed from scratch from an artificial intelligence and created by the proprietary methodology and code I will share with the NFT token holder...