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Hi, I am Alex Louizos and if you run a business high tech or not and want to learn how artificial intelligence can help you supercharge your business outcomes, you are at the right place, keep on reading.

First of all, who am I and why would you spend your precious time on reading this post.

I have been in the AI space for 10+ years, I’ve created 2 AI companies, one VC funded and one bootstrapped and I have developed and deployed many AI products in Fortune 500 companies. I have been co-author in 2 AI patents and helped many businesses increase their growth, revenue and valuation with a state of the art AI strategy and implementation.

All this AI experience can be very exciting for your business, but not how you might think

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Clients come to me because they want to build, AI so they are not left behind in this new exciting era. But even though they are doing well already, they don’t want to risk a fortune building AI, let alone the risk and lost time of hiring AI people that might not work out for them. In fact, some clients have already been through a couple of hires and churn cycles of AI people, before they come to me.

And they tell me that this makes them feel totally frustrated because they have already spent time and money and haven’t seen any progress apart from promises that were costly to them.

If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Lots of businesses go through this churn of hires and fires of AI talent, including my previous startup. Been there done that, I totally get it…

Here is a secret that I share with my clients: To build your artificial intelligence product you need to create an AI team, no single person will ever cut the chase.

And before you get disappointed by this fact and discouraged by the time and cost it will take you to create an AI team, let me tell you a story that led me to this insight.  

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When I was building my startup, 7 years ago,  I had lots of prior experience building AI for academia and papers. And this is common to many people in AI available for hire.

But deploying an AI solution to production is a completely different story.

So for my startup, I hired an AI person fresh out of his Master’s and we managed to build the first prototype of our AI together.

But when the time came to deploy to the real world, we didn’t know exactly how to do it. We created a deployment as best as we could.

And guess what? The AI was working great on our training, but it failed miserably in the real world.

That was very frustrating and was costing us lots of time and money, let alone the frustration of our clients and investors

We hit the wall, and some of you might already know what I mean, because you have experienced it one way or the other with your AI efforts.

After lots of frustration and costly mistakes (I would calculate this mistake around $150K in time and revenue lost, I finally understood what the problem was.

A superstar AI team is not only made of one person that knows how to do build proprietary AI. You need 2 people that work in tandem and are synchronized. You need an AI person that develops the AI and an data engineer that doesn’t necessarily know how to build AI per se but can deploy it in a system and understands enough to work with the AI person and debug the AI in the real world.

This is the secret of an AI Dream Team

This is how we solved the problem for my startup and for many clients since.

Your see the problem with AI is that it can fail silently, it can produce results that are wrong but will not break like normal code. And this is why you need an experienced team to be able to catch and solve these issues.

This collaboration of an AI person and a data engineer is the secret. We named this a “Brain Cell” team. And that’s how we have succeeded in deploying amazing AI solutions that created millions of dollars of value for many organizations.

The Secret of the Brain Cell Team. Pay attention to the individual skill set of each person

So the main thing is to have a team of 2 people both in AI creation and AI deployment. These 2 people need to know how to work together to design, implement and then debug the AI in the real world.

If you have only an AI expert you will fail in deployment and if you have only an data engineer you will not be able to innovate in the AI space. Get them both and your probabilities of success will skyrocket.

If you are really serious about using artificial intelligence to accelerate your revenue, growth and create competitive moats that will increase your valuation, click here, and let’s see how we can help with a Brain Cell team in a cost-effective way.

If you are just starting and you haven’t established your business, we cannot help you. But if you already have a business and want to jump into the AI era without headaches and with a team that has seen it all and done it all, just reach out!

Looking forward to connecting.

Till then, stay in touch for more articles like that, and see you soon.

Alexandros Louizos, MD
Alexandros Louizos, MD

Alexandros Louizos, MD is a vascular surgeon that left his career in surgery in 2013 to join the artificial intelligence revolution. After working for 2 years as a data scientist he decided to leave the corporate career to start his own company in 2015. He is a 2x entrepreneur of AI-related companies, Galaxy.AI (VC funded with $2.9M), and his latest venture is bootstrapped. He has designed and executed artificial intelligence systems currently in production is Fortune 500 companies. What gives him happiness is helping other dreamers to learn data science.

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