I was casually scrolling through Tik Tok recently and I found this hilarious video with a guy trolling interviewers. 

It is definitely a "DON'T DO THAT" during the interview video, but nevertheless, it's hilarious so I am sharing it below



I wanted to take this opportunity for a good laugh and tell you that there is lots of confusion in the job market about the role of data scientist. 

Most of the companies do not really know exactly what they want and this is obvious in their job postings. 

Even worse? They often outsource to non technical recruiters and they don't know better than throw any possible keyword in the job posting. Basically they are treating the job post like a search engine optimization exercise. Awful! 

Result? Lots of confusion for us, the aspiring data scientists that want to apply for our dream jobs and see these ridiculous job postings. 

In our course we have more than 5 hours of video guidance on how to avoid this confusion, decrypt the job postings and navigate your job search with success. 

I wanted to share a video here with you which is part of the course to help you understand what this confusion is all about and how to navigate it successfully. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

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To your success, 

Alexandros Louizos


Alexandros Louizos, MD
Alexandros Louizos, MD

Alexandros Louizos, MD is a vascular surgeon that left his career in surgery in 2013 to join the artificial intelligence revolution. After working for 2 years as a data scientist he decided to leave the corporate career to start his own company in 2015. He is a 2x entrepreneur of AI-related companies, Galaxy.AI (VC funded with $2.9M), and his latest venture is bootstrapped. He has designed and executed artificial intelligence systems currently in production is Fortune 500 companies. What gives him happiness is helping other dreamers to learn data science.

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