We headhunt and recruit at 80% less cost Than traditional recruiting agencies.
focus on your business while our AI Assisted recruiters get your superstars

We do the scouting, CV screening, and the 1st technical interview. You get highly qualified vetted candidates  

We hit the bullseye every time! Our customers hire their superstar employee with 1 or 2 interviews

Dedicated hiring manager

We create the most effective job description for you with our proprietary AI. We then source the right candidates for you. 

Fast CV screening and reports

Done for you technical screening interviews  and reports. You will never have to spend valuable time on interviews of average candidates

You risk nothing till you are 100% satisfied

Results guaranteed or your money back with no questions asked 


It's not only the time and costs saved, it's a whole new paradigm in effective hiring by using AI the right way. 

John Georgoulas

California, USA

We replace unreliable hiring freelancers and expensive hiring agencies 

With results delivered so fast it will blow your mind


As a startup founder on my Series A round, MxM helped me save 100s of hours of sourcing and scoping candidates. We even managed to optimize sourcing candidates with startup mentality. Loved it! 

David Carter

California, USA

We fast track and improve every hiring step

Your assigned hiring manager will create a perfect job description with you, release the job description to all job boards and automate the active scouting of candidates. We will then fast track and effectively screen the resumes and do the initial screening interview for you. Result? Only highly qualified candidates  that also have the right culture fit to your company. 

Save time and reduce risk

No need to spend valuable time on recruiting operations. Focus on your business. Keep all the data of the AI assisted outreach and screening. Pay 80% less than the price of just getting CVs from recruiting agencies while you do all the work. We are so good at finding your bullseye canidate that our customers hire with only spending time on 1 or 2 interviews. 

Results guaranteed or pay nothing

We are so sure of our results that you will not risk anything till you are 100% satisfied. Get and keep your superstar employees for 6 months or you are fully refunded. 

We Specialize At Sourcing

Full Stack Engineers
Back End Developers
Data Scientists
Remote talent
Front End Developers
Dev Ops Engineers
Machine Learning Engineers
On premise talent

Recruiting Plans

Choose a plan that's right for you

I am Hiring For 1 Position 

We find the perfect candidate  fast. You pay only 5% of the first annual salary if you successfully hire

Pay upon hire only

Guaranteed results or pay nothing 

What's included :

Perfect for companies that need to hire only person but do not want to pay an arm and a leg to recuiting agencies 
An account success manager will be assigned  to take care of all recruiting steps for you
We will create the perfect job description
AI agents will scout and bring candidates
Initial CV screening will be automated 
First interviews screening will be automated 
Best candidates will be forwarded to you
You pay nothing till you hire. 6 months money back guarantee.  
The recruiting fee is only 5% of first annual salary 

I Need To Do A Few Hires

Completely outsource your recruiting and pay only a flat monthly fee without any recruitment fees 


No fees upon successful hiring of candidates

What's included :

Perfect for small companies and startups that need to do a few hires (up to 10) but do not want to hire an in house recruiter
An account success manager will be assigned to take care of all recruiting steps for you
We will create the perfect job descriptions
AI agents will scout and bring candidates 
Initial CV screening will be automated 
First interview screening will be automated 
Best candidates will be forwarded to you
Easy credit card payment 
6 months money back guarantee 
Pause or cancel anytime. Resume when needed

We Do Many Hires All Year

Learn how our AI empowered recruiters  can help you fast track your high volume  recruiting efforts and save up to 90% of costs and labor of sourcing  and screening talent 

Refer a friend & earn

Earn 20% monthly recurring commissions for each referral.


Why wouldn't I just hire a hiring freelancer or a hiring agency?

Good question! For starters, recruiters' fee 20-30% of the first annual salary of the  candidates (and good luck finding a recruiter that is technical and can screen candidates effectively). The classic scenario is that they overload you with CVs and are not doing the necessary technical screening, Result? You end up losing time in average quality candidates. In a nutshell, all the work is done by you, but you still have to pay for the referrals in a very expensive way. 

Because of our automations we do all the screening work for you and you only get the right candidates, technical fit, cultural fit. Less time spend by you more focus on your company. And with our guarantees you really have nothing to lose. 

How does it look like if I choose to work with you?

1. A customer success manager will be assigned immediately to you. You will talk extensively about your needs and culture "what does your dream candidate look like" is the right question that you will answer together. 

2. Your success manager will create the perfect job description for your hire with the help of our custom AI agents. It all starts with a job description that is not generic, that accurately describes your needs and your culture. At this point your job is done, it will not take more than couple of hours. 

3. We will use our automations to massively distribute your job opening to all job boards. In addition we will use our AI agents to actively scout for potential candidates that look the right fit. We have customized these agents to approach the right candidates the right way,  with a personal compliment and a description that will attract only the right ones. 

4. Our automations will start the initial screening and give a score of fitness according to the first data, CVs, cover letters etc. At this point you will start receiving data of the candidates and their fitness. 

5. The best candidates will undergo an initial automated screening through an interview with an AI agent. This will start bringing up the diamonds in the haystack. This is the most time consuming part that hiring agencies cannot handle for you.It guarantees that the candidates forwarded to you will be only those that are highly qualified. You will never have to lose time on interviewing average candidates that look good on CV but fail the in person interview.  You will have access to all video interviews data and reports. 

6. Those candidates that score highest among the above will be forwarded to you for your interviews. This process usually takes 5-7 days from our first meeting. 

7. Your account success manager will be always and throughout the process be available to you for assistance, questions and anything else you need.  

Who are the candidates?

Those that actively reach out to us through your job description or those that we actively scout and are a right fit. We also match your job with our extensive database of candidates that we have scouted before. 

How does the pause feature work?

If you choose the "outsource your hiring" plan you can always pause your subscription at any point you do not need to hire and resume at any point in the future. At this popular plan you can outsource your recruiting for a few months that you have the need to do a few hires, then pause the payments and resume at any point in the future that you need to hire again. 

What if I don't like the results?

You will never have to pay us anything. If you do not hire you do not pay. If you outsource your hiring and don't like the results we offer a 6 months money back guarantee. If we weren't sure about our results we wouldn't be able to offer such guarantees. 

Is there any type of hiring you don't cover?

We offer services for tech talent. We do not yet offer services for marketing or front line workers. 

How do you make sure our data is secure?

The data generated by our talent sourcing platform belong to you and you can always double check and use them at any point. Total transparency is our mantra and we strictly adhere to this. 

What if I only have a single hiring request?

You can choose the "I have 1 hire" plan. The process is the same but you only pay 5% of first annual salary if you hire through our platform which is much less than the 20% charged by hiring agencies and freelancers. 

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service? How can you guarantee success for my needs?

Alex Louizos here, the founder of MxM with my personal guarantee. I am not asking you to decide yes or no today. I am asking you to make a fully informed decision. The only way to do this is on the inside, not the outside. To honor this, we offer an unconditional 180 days work with us risk free guarantee. Whether it’s 9 mins or 179 days from now, if you aren’t happy, I am not happy. You either find your dream candidate by working with us or you pay us nothing !

 I changed my career from surgeon to AI engineer for the impact I can have to many peoples lives. All my customers are aligned with this goal. For any reason whatsoever if you want your money back you can get it because I want to keep you happy. All you have to do it send an email to connect@manxmachina.com with refund on the subject, no questions asked and you will be refunded in short order. I can only make such a guarantee because I am confident about what I do is the real deal and I’m fairly confident that when you sign up for my services you are getting exactly what you need to BENEFIT.

See if MxM is right for you. (we totally are)

Get a guided tour through our work and find out how you and your team can change the way you source talent forever

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